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♫ 025

Beg pardon now... I know this may not be the most popular opinion, but.

Mind if we quiet down a tick?

It's dreadfully hard to curl up and sleep proper in all this excitement, let alone find an empty place to sleep.

- Though also quite a bit easier for a cat to find himself a meal. Potentially a warm bed.

So perhaps I shouldn't be complaining at all. - it's in the nature.

♫ 024

All that talk of blood and slaying put me off my appetite.

It's a shame we don't bleed ink here. Wouldn't that be less painful- ? ... No, it wouldn't be less painful at all.

It would just be easier to clean.

- Ah.

Has anyone at all seen the catnip?

♫ 023

I did warn you, didn't I? We cats know these things, I said.

I did say it.

The City decided to try and bribe me for my return, though. A free coin? Now, we cats don't usually have need for coin, but.

Since I'm all the more a stray these days, perhaps I'll take the charity.

♫ 022

You know, animals can predict natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods...

Alice, I think it's about time to-


[... five minutes.]

[... ten minutes.]

[... this is the sound of one revolver's chamber spinning.]

Ah. I think it's time to lay low for a while.

Cats know these things.

♫ 021

[the video turns on while a cat-eared young woman, wearing only... what looks like an oversized mens shirt and blazer... stretching on a rooftop. Whose rooftop? - Maybe you should check yours.]

Aaaaah- I wondered if this would happen again...

[The voice has changed, but hair color and ears might give this Cheshire away as he- she- flops down in the sun and moves to roll over- but makes a face and clasps her breasts]

They're in the way-

[But ears perk up, and a patent Cheshire Grin appears soon enough]

Say, Alice? What about you?

[ooc; Cheshire Cat's genderswap!]

♫ 020

This story here, A Tale of The City, or what have you, really is quite remarkable. To have so many characters and so little in the way of rules... and so many characters who can just wander off!

I think the White Rabbit might have a panic attack! So few rules, so few people obeying their roles...

But at least this way, that's one more gun-toting-cat-hating person running around, right? A service to cats everywhere. And Alices, too, really. No point getting any headway in a place like this.

- Say.

Is today a curse?

♫ 019

It's almost disgraceful for a cat who is supposed to be a pet to beg so very much. But when one's mistress is erased from existence, one tends to become a stray again.

Though it seems my usual haunt has also lost a mistress- what is a cat to do?

Shall we make it a challenge to find me a bed for the night, or perhaps some milk? Fish could be even more arduous a task. Naturally, I could offer a handsome reward, were I a Duke.

But I am only a cat a useless stray who can't save anyone.

♫ 018

[Here is a Cheshire Cat, sitting on a roof, legs dangling over the edge and merrily swinging them, humming a tune in between talk]

It was quite fun, you know- to watch. But it's always best to be watching the curses, rather than be cursed. Of course? Of course.

Because a curse is a curse, of course, of course~

School's not so bad, though- every child needs an education. Some of them even like learning.

But after all that hustle and bustle...

Things seem a bit too quiet.

[ooc; open to action as well if you like!]

♫ 017

You know, I've had my share of beds to warm, but a man of any species just knows when it's different.

It's no early spring, and not quite the season for such bold declarations of love, but that doesn't really matter. The rules have never held as much sway for me as for the others.

You fancy me, don't you? You've touched my ears, and fed me, and I've slept with you, no?

I am but a pet cat, and so I must always belong in part to my mistress, but Ino-

... Would that be so bad?

[ooc; so... so cursed.]

♫ 016


If you dig a hole in the ground, are you more like a mole, or a pig looking for truffles? Or a worm, or a dog unburying a bone?

Step right up and cast your votes!

I should make this in to a gambling venture. A cat such as I has no use for money, of course, but I could give it away. Charity! An orphanage! This place surely has an orphanage. Lonely women who need a cat to warm their feet in bed! To my mistress.

Or I could always purr for it. That might work, just as well.


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